Are you a home manager?

As a care home manager you have to make a lot of hard decisions. Not only are you trying to provide the best possible care, but you also have to meet all of the administration and regulation requirements.

Sekoia is a digital platform made specifically for care homes. Our apps are designed to solve everyday challenges and aid care delivery by coordinating care goals and generating a clear overview of each residents' care. This allows you to quickly make sure everyone is receiving the care they need, when they need it, whilst also spotting patterns so that you can take preventative steps to stop incidents before they develop.

There are many different daily demands in a care home environment, and trying to coordinate these can be a challenge. Sekoia can help you meet this challenge, streamline administration tasks and empower your care team to spend more time with residents. We help create a stress-free environment that makes staff and residents happier.

Managers can quickly access reports on the daily care activity taking place, and plan where additional resource may be needed within the home. Easy to understand data overviews, outlining everything you need to know in once place, provides you with the knowledge and confidence you need to support your staff to be the best they can be.

The overview is a part of your everyday

At many care homes, a significant amount of resource is used to complete necessary documentation and reporting activity. With Sekoia’s streamlined digital platform, and easy to use resident record keeping application, keeping on top of your reporting duties has never been easier.

“Previously, the municipal department [in Denmark] wanted a long explanation about the contents of the resident’s care plan. Now it is much more about measuring care outcomes and the well-being of the individual. With Sekoia, we can provide this information in an instant and can easily extract the data we need when the case officer calls.”
Anja Toftgaard, social worker and professional coordinator in Holstebro.

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